In comparing the Town of Norwich to another similar community “Port Perry”, we can look at comparables. Norwich is about 25 Km from Woodstock, and Port Perry is about 25 Km from Whitby. Norwich is slightly bigger in terms of population, and has grown in recent years.

ItemPort PerryNorwich
Population9,453 (2016)11,001 (2016)
High SchoolYesNo
Police StationYesNo
Tax Rate0.0155%0.0111%
Our tax rate is cheaper, but does that make up for the lack of amenities?


Police presence within the Town of Norwich would be nice, especially as we are approaching 15,000 strong.

We see all the young children in town of Norwich. A very high number of Norwichians have young children. Before you know it, they will be teenagers. Let us build the infrastructure for the Future of Norwich. Emergency medical would also be a nice attribute.

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