Exciting News! Our town is in the running for Hockeyville 2024.

Hockey can help build bridges.  With greater funding, we can include a larger number of children from different backgrounds including low income families into the Norwich Nighthawks program. We can improve our facility (Norwich Community Centre),  and increase tolerance and integration.   Inclusion of all and Hockey for all.  

Show your support for Norwich here at Hockeyville!

Our Bakery has moved to Ingersoll. It is difficult to accept that the finest bakery in Norwich has moved onto bigger and better things. The delicacies of the Hot Oven cannot be described and must be experienced. The Hot Oven was one of the biggest attractions in our town, and instilled a sense of pride in Norwich. The Hot Oven new address and contact information are here. We will miss you and good luck!

It has been a longtime coming. The Norwich Dollarama will be open Sundays. The Circle K has been fantastic, and the Foodland just doesn’t have the throughput to open Sunday. Our prayers have been answered. Dollarama is opening soon. This will make our town a town, even on Sunday.

In Norwich hockey binds the community. We congregate at the Nor-Del centre and worship our idols at the Norwich Merchant’s games. Our children age on the ice, and we socialize with fellow Norwichians in the stands. In the future, the negative publicity of our community will fade as we see each other at the Nor-Del centre and let the events of the past few years in Norwich fall behind us. Bring your children out to play hockey or come to a Norwich Knighthawks Game and meet your neighbours. Our doors are open, the community is always welcome. Volunteers are also welcome. This is our hometown.

Knighthawks hockey teaches the children important skills in addition to providing health benefits:

  • Teamwork – (Social Skills)
  • Time Management
  • Sportsmanship
  • Working towards Goals
  • Handling Emotion
Rogers Hometown Hockey Promo

Is Norwich a Good Place to Live?

Norwich Ontario in Oxford County. A great place to live in Southern Ontario. A Quaker founded community with 200 years of history. Economical, (warm for Canada), lots of stores (for a small town) close to beaches, with all the amenities of a larger locale. You gotta love the town of Norwich (Ritchie’s, Hockey etc.). This is our home. Shop in Village of Norwich stores. Eat in Norwich restaurants. Go local in the town of Norwich. Raise your family in a great place, a cultural melting pot of different ethnicities including Amish, British, Polish, German, Irish, Dutch, Chinese and Filipino. Norwich needs to be a community of tolerance and inclusion. Live the Norwich dream. Norwichians love their hockey and congregate many days a week with family and friends at the Nor-Del arena. See you there soon!

Emily Stowe, arguably the most important and respected Norwichian of all time was a Quaker. She fought against woman’s suffrage, and helped women obtain equality in a man’s world. Our town has a lengthy history of fighting for social justice and woman’s rights.

CMHF Dr. Emily Stowe 2018 Laureate

For Local News such as the recent intolerance issues in Norwich visit Norwich Local News.

Dollarama is coming to Norwich. More Sunday shopping. We just need a local place that does Sunday Brunch.

Ritchie‘s is open. Ritchie’s is an old school drive-in which serves Norwich Seven days a week during the summer. Fantastic food and fries. Support them.

Founding of Norwich – In 1809 Peter Lossing, a member of the Society of Friends from New York visited Norwich Township, and in June, 1810, with his brother-in-law, Peter De Long, purchased 15000 acres of land in the area. That fall Lossing brought his family to Upper Canada and early in 1811 and settled . The De Long family and nine others joined Lossing the same year and by 1820 an additional group of about fifty had settled within the tract. Many were Quakers and a frame meeting house, planned in 1812, was erected in 1817. These resourceful pioneers founded one of the most successful Quaker communities in Upper Canada.

The Last Stop - Otterville, Oxford County, Ontario

Shop local, Shop Norwich. Why drive when you can shop local?