Our children are Norwich’s future. If we train them in STEM, we will put them on a path to obtain six figure jobs out of college. We, as parents who do not spark our children’s passion undermine their ability to succeed in life.

How much does an college graduate from U of T net per annum on average?

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Let us build a program in Norwich, that ignites passion and opens our children’s eyes. I am a scientist who has worked for a multitude of multinational companies and at the NRC (National Research Council). I also taught at college. My formal training is in chemistry. I currently work with engineers, microbiologists and other scientists. I also have connections with scientists in the fields agriculture, mathematics, physics.

Lets give the children the basics and ignite their passions. Even as I approach 60 yrs old, I have not lost my passion for science, and teaching. Let us move forward and put a solid STEM program in place in Norwich. We have the pieces. Let do it for the children. Let’s give them the opportunity to work in areas they love and can succeed in. We fail as parents if we do not gift our children with the ability to attend a good college. It would be my joy to teach and introduce young students to experts in their fields of interest…chemistry, evolutionary biology, agriculture, physics….even specific areas such as IPM (integrated pest management). I could get experts in each field to come to Norwich. Let’s do it for the kids. After all, this same gift was bestowed on me. I would merely be passing it forward.

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