For By-Election 2023 refer to Election Oxford County.

Qualifying Address
 Mayor Jim Palmer793466 Slant Road, RR 3 Norwich
  Lynne DePlancke 82 Stover Street N, Norwich
 Tyler Zacher-King365733 Evergreen Street, Norwich 
Councilor – Ward 1 John Scholten 97 Mill Street West, Otterville
 Val Haley224959 Otterville Road, Springford 
  Daniel A Wagner  166100 Cecilia Street, Hawtrey 
 Councilor – Ward 2 William Van Lagen 20 Main Street East, 
  Alisha Stubbs 25 Carman Street, 
  Michael Legge 15 John Street, 
 Councilor – Ward 3 John Van Brenk 813336 Baseline Road, Norwich
 Shawn Gear675 Main Street South, Burgessville
 Councilor – Ward 4Len Overbeek445603 Gunn’s Hill Road, Township of Norwich
 Alan Dale465080 Curries Road, Township of Norwich
 Adrian Couwenberg713967 Middletown Line, Township of Norwich

Wards In Norwich – Map

Questions Asked of Each candidate:

1)  Please tell us about yourself and provide a digital picture.

2) With all the young students at Emily Stowe, Do you support a New High School?

3) With hate crimes on the rise in Norwich, do you support a greater police presence in Norwich?

4) With the increased traffic on HWY 59 through town.  Do you support traffic calming measures?

5) How would you support Merchants (stores and business) in town?

6) Would you support merchants if they opened their establishments on Sunday?

7) Do you support the charter of rights and freedoms (I.e. race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family status, genetic characteristics, disability etc)?

Their answers can be seen by clicking on their name. (If they have responded to the inquiry).