Arn Lockie Funeral Home


Since 1907, The Arn-Lockie Funeral Home has been helping families create meaningful and personalized funerals for families of all faiths. They offer a broad range of services accommodating different religions, family traditions, personal preferences and budgets.
Knowledge, experience and flexibility will allow you to create a meaningful funeral you or your loved ones have in mind.
Home-like facility allows you the option of personalizing your visitation as well as your Funeral service with mementos. A funeral is a major event in the life of a family and a community. They understand this fact and are here to help you with all the details.

  • Some of your possible service options include:
  • Complete traditional funeral and cremation services
  • Complete meaningful funeral and cremation services
  • Prearrangement services
  • Full consultation and coordination of services 

Norwich • 519-863-3020

45 Main Street West P.O. Box 159 Norwich, ON 
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