Alan Dale

Alan Dale – Councilor Ward 4 Candidate

I have attached a photo and a shot of my brochure (botton of page) to tell you more about me.

2) With all the young students at Emily Stowe, Do you support a New High School?

A new secondary school is a decision of the school board; it is not a municipal decision.   We can offer information and encouragement as Norwich benefited from having a TVDSB secondary school, and would again if TVDSB decides to build one.

3) With hate crimes on the rise in Norwich, do you support a greater police presence in Norwich?

Yes; a greater police presence and response would be a deterrent.

4) With the increased traffic on HWY 59 through town.  Do you support traffic calming measures?

Traffic issues and speeding is a great concern everywhere.  This year, council approved the addition of an extra OPP officer to provide traffic enforcement throughout the municipality.  This is in addition to our regular OPP contract and budget.  It comes with a hefty price tag but we will monitor this change and hopefully the increased traffic enforcement will be worth the extra cost.  The target for implementation is October.

5) How would you support Merchants (stores and business) in town?

I would support the merchants through their BIA and let them get on with promoting their businesses.  The municipality facilitates public events such as Nostalgia Days and we should continue to do so.

6) Would you support merchants if they opened their establishments on Sunday?

If stores want to open on Sundays and people want to shop on Sundays that is their right to do so.  I have no objection.

7) Do you support the charter of rights and freedoms (I.e. race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, family status, genetic characteristics, disability etc)?

Yes, I do.  We live in a pluralistic and multicultural society and need to recognize the rights and freedoms of everyone.

Alan Dale