Oxford By-Election Assessment

This is turning into an interesting By-election race. Anyone could win the riding.

I was a member of the provincial conservative party in the early nineties and have been for the most part loyal to the PC’s. Unfortunately in this election, I cannot vote for the parachute candidate. It really was a questionable maybe even unethical local PC race.

See ‘Hijacked’: Riding officials quit after heated Conservative nomination fight

So, I won’t be voting PC. Now while Liberals did take us through COVID, there were a few scandals (e.g. SNC Lavalin)…and the Liberal party increased taxes enormously. They were slow to protect our freedoms by taking their time removing the insurgents in both Ottawa and on the Ambassador Bridge. Automobile parts could not get across the bridge and there were layoffs, in Ottawa businesses lost a lot of money. I wish the Liberals had acted in a quicker fashion to protect our freedoms. People have a right to freely conduct business or work.

Auto factories in Canada shutting down due to lack of parts from bridge blockade

Why you’ll help foot the bill for billions lost due to Ottawa protests

When the two big parties are questionable, who do you vote for?

Well, I just don’t agree with the viewpoints of the other smaller parties. Maybe it is time to vote for John the Engineer Turmel (independent). He is a parachute candidate…and based on his record, won’t win….but who knows. Never say never, roll the dice and if he wins the outcome will surely be interesting. 🙂

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The options

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