Who are Norwichians?

The people of the town of Norwich are mostly of European descent, Many of those are Polish, British, Dutch or German descent. Some Norwichians have been in the area so long they have lost their roots to the old country and declare themselves to be merely Canadian. Norwich is a melting pot of cultures and religions both old and new. The area is expanding with new subdivisions and an influx of people from larger urban centres such as Toronto.

The town and community is centred around the Norwich Community Centre (NCC) which we congregate to on Saturday and Sunday (and many other days of the week). We watch the Norwich Merchants play hockey. We watch our children as they develop, learn teamwork and become active members of our community. The parents chat and talk in the stands, friends are made. Hockey is truly the Nexus of Norwich and most will, have or are making trips to this house of Norwich. I thank all of the volunteers, supporters and those who play patronage to the facility . We see our neighbours and Norwich unites within the hallowed walls of the community centre. A great many players have seen action and entertained us there. Go Merchants Go!

Norwich also has figure skating at the NCC, but alas, I am not too familiar, as I have 5 boys.

The Amish have made Norwich their home for many generations. Those in the Norwich area travel just south of Town of Norwich to the Amish farm on the western side of HWY # 59 to procure fresh produce (No slight to the local Foodland).

There is an abundance of fresh home baked goods in the area if you look around Norwich.

Many Norwichians have college degrees from esteemed institutions such as the University of Toronto or McMaster University. We are scientists, doctors and lawyers. Farming is a way of life in the area, and it is one of Norwich’s greatest attributes, the rolling green fields. Have you gone on the Cheese Trail or seen farming in action?

There is so much to enjoy and do around Norwich. I lived in Markham, Toronto, Oshawa, Montreal, Kitchener and Brantford, but I can truly say that I want to retire out here in the Town of Norwich. In some ways it reminds me of the life I had as a child growing up in a rural community. Places like Ritchies Drive Inn carry so much nostalgia for me. The lake is also fantastic. The Norwich waterpark is also a lot of fun for the little ones. I hope you enjoy the town as much as I do!

Amish Norwich Ontario