The acronym NRC is borrowed from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) . The Norwich Research Council (NRC) hopes to bring understanding of the sciences to our local community. In regards to those in middle and secondary school we want to spark the flame of the mind. We hope for the next generation to study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and contribute to Canada’s bright future. We want young Norwichians to succeed.

National Research Council Canada (NRC Mississauga), Advanced Materials Research Facility

Initially the NRC will start on the internet, but we hope to have live classes and/or Q&A in the future. A mind is a horrible thing to waste. We hope to ignite the Norwichian youth. What is your calling and where will you go in life? Many top colleges are on the Doorstep of Norwich (McMaster, U of T, etc). You just need to be ready to take your turn at the college of your choice. There are fantastic videos on the internet to boast understanding and prepare (e.g. Bill Nye, Neil Tyson, Degrasse, PBS Nova etc).

University of Toronto: Boundless

The author was a disgruntled student in middle school who would read 1-2 novels a day. Unexpectedly and thoughtfully his teacher asked him to join the science fair by creating a science exhibit. This fanned the flames and his passion exploded, ultimately leading to decades in the laboratory, working for the NRC in Montreal, being a college instructor, and working for many multi-national companies in roles using his scientific expertise. The youth of Norwich can step up and become what they are meant to be. Strive and you will succeed. You deserve it! (A great group of Science videos)

Evolution - What Darwin Never Knew - NOVA Full Documentary HD
#UofTGrad17: Welcome To Your Moment

The future is yours. Expand your minds and you will succeed.